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Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
and how sweden's top company plans to grow in the united states. britain's's pan european disclosed discussing a union to create a 93 billion dollar titan that would be the world's largest aerospace and defense company. deal if approved by global regulators would join europe's leading military and aerospace contractors into a new giant that builds commercial cargo fighter trainer aircraft helicopters and rockets and saturdayel lights missiles and radars and other sophisticated electronics communication systems and security products. the companys proprosed the -- proposed complex ownership ada holding 68% and bae40%. to alie security concerns executives have promised to operate bae's vast operation independently of the new parent. what does the deal mean globally what's next and what will government regulators be focusing on. join us is stev. grundman who analyzes and reviewed defense mergers and acquisition at the pentagon during the clinton administration and he advices defense and aerospace companies worldwide and has absolutely no stake in this particular transaction. >> no. righ
Sep 9, 2012 11:30am EDT
're doing that in close cooperation with the u.s. navy. we're going to look at ways to shape the situation before we land. we'll never land into the teeth of a prepared defense the way we had to do in world war ii, but we're going to rely on some of the new changes that are coming out, some of the electronic changes that we have, some of the tools that are available to us that weren't available to us ten years ago where we can deal with the threat to a certain level. we're also going to work very closely with the navy and the air force to ensure that am figuruous operations, the conditions that we would land on would be shaneed prior to -- shaped prior to us going there. thirdly, we're looking at ways in which to disperse, to land at a place where the enemy does not have a defense set up, where we can put forces ashore where the threat is not as prevalent as it may be in other areas. all of these take very close coordination. all of them take experimentation and all of them take large scale exercises so we can try them out before we actually have to do them for real. so in all of those are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2